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Norwegian royal family named the most modern

The Norwegian royal family was praised by the British paper the Independent for being the most evolved in Europe.

While the article criticizes its own controversial Windsor family, the Norwegian royal family was proclaimed as the most evolved in Europe.

The article highlights Crown Prince Haakon’s lifestyle and choice of spouse:

«Arguably the most "evolved" of the Euro-royals, Crown Prince Haakon attended state school, married a single mother, sired a female heir (a first for Norway), and reads that socialist Henrik Ibsen. And he frequents coffee bars... in jeans.»

Spain applauded
However, it is the Spanish royal house which received the most attention in the article as the paper claimed the Spanish royal house to be «a dynasty to look up to.» They are particularly impressed by the sympatric way the Spanish royal house has handled the situation in wake of the terror attacks in Madrid.

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