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Norwegian satellite to monitor sea transport

The first Norwegian built satellite will be sent up this fall in a so-called polar orbit in order to survey water-born traffic and the movement of reindeers on Hardangervidda.

About 100 students from several Norwegian colleges and universities have designed and built the satellite which is only 10x10x10 centimetres and weighs 1 kilo.

The project took three years to complete, and the price tag amounted to about NOK 2 million (USD 294,000), according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

The Norwegian satellite is going to be sent up with twelve micro satellites from different countries in a Russian rocket. The launch will take place at the Russian space base Baikonur in Kazakhstan in late October, early November.

In addition to monitor water-born traffic, the satellite is going to follow the movements of reindeers on Hardangervidda. The signals from the satellite will be read by four ground stations in Norway, and the life expectancy of the satellite is up to six months.

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