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Norwegian soldier killed in attack

A Norwegian soldier was killed and another injured when a patrol from the Telemark Task Force was attacked by antitank rockets in Afghanistan Sunday.

The Norwegian patrol was on a mission, traveling on Jalabad Road, one of the main roads in Kabul, when it was attacked at 8:37 a.m. Sunday. One Norwegian soldier was badly hurt and was transferred to a German field hospital at the «Camp Warehouse». He later died of the injuries, according to a release from Fellesoperativt headquarters.

The Norwegian troop in Afghanistan has been attacked before, but this is the first time a Norwegian soldier has been killed in this type of attack.

The soldiers name is currently being withheld until the Norwegian military has a chance to contact the deceased’s next of kin.

One soldier injured
The other soldier, who received splinter injuries, was also evacuated to «Camp Warehouse». According to the website Forsvarsnett, he was later transferred to his department at Camp Invicta.

To soldiers in the same vehicle came out of the incident physically unharmed.

Fellesoperativt headquarters have been informed that a total of three antitank rockets were fired against the convoy. One rocket hit and detonated at impact. The vehicle hit was a modified version of a Mercedes field vehicle, «MB-290», an unarmored wheel vehicle.

The vehicle was driving in a convoy with three other Norwegian vehicles, and they were on their way back from a mission in Kabul when they were attacked just outside the Norwegian Camp Invicta, reported Forsvarsnett.

Great sadness
«It is with great sadness that I received the message that a Norwegian soldier was killed during a mission in an international capacity, for NATO and for Norway in Afghanistan,» said Lieutenant-General Thorstein Skiaker, head of Fellseoperativt headquarters, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

«Our thoughts are first of all sent to the soldier’s next of kin and fellow soldiers, particularly to the soldier who was injured in the same attack,» Skiaker said. «The military will do its best in every possible way.»

High risk missions
«We have always known that this is high risk missions, and the troop takes this into account,» Skiaker said to TV 2 Nettavisen. «The incident does not lead to immediate changes, but ISAF has increased its readiness which means increased security measures.»

Currently about 230 Norwegian soldiers are serving in NATO’s ISAF force in Afghanistan.

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