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Norwegian soldiers not affected by attack

Tuesday’s attack against the UN police cars in Luzane, located north of the Norwegian KFOR base, left two men dead, but did not place Norwegian soldiers in danger.

«The Norwegian forces were not involved in the incident and did not notice anything,» said Lt. Col. Tore Idsøe, press officer, to TV 2 Nettavisen. «All of the Norwegian soldiers were at the camp.»

The attack in Luzane came two days after somewhat calm conditions in Kosovo, which earlier this month has been suffering under violent riots where as many as 28 people were killed. NATO soldiers were deployed this weekend in order to establish order, and it appeared as if they had regained control Tuesday.

Idsøe said the Norwegian KFOR forces are in the state of preparedness and are ready to receive further orders.

«This is ordinary state of preparedness and it has nothing to do with the incident last night,» Idsøe said.

Norway has about 500 soldiers in Kosovo which are apart of the multinational KFOR force where a number of NATO countries and 19 other nations are participating.

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