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Norwegian student dies in gas accident

Four Norwegian students were admitted to the hospital in Krakow, Poland, after inhaling gas while trying to save their friend.

08.12.03 13:52

The deceased 19-year-old female student was a freshman at medical school in Krakow, living at one of the student housing complexes in town.

“I can confirm that five Norwegian students were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning,” said Eirik Bergesen, information advisor at the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs to the Norwegian news bureau. “One of the students died.”

The other four students will be released Monday.

A total of about 20 people were injured in the gas leak. The 19-year-old was discovered unconscious between 7 and 8 p.m. Saturday night in the bathroom. The young woman lived in the apartment in the apartment complex with another student.

Crisis counselling
Den norske sjømannskirken, the Norwegian church abroad, has sent one student priest to offer crisis counselling to the 150 Norwegian students in Krakow.

One of the Norwegian students in the city called the church almost immediately after the accident, according to Espen Feilberg-Jakobsen, the head of services abroad, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Memorial service Monday
Sjømannskirken decided immediately to send one of the two on call student priests. There are about 150 Norwegian students in the city, and Feilberg-Jakobsen said that the death has naturally affected them all greatly.

“After discussing with the university and Hanna Hagen, the student priest, we have scheduled a memorial service Monday afternoon,” Feilberg-Jakobsen said.

Jan Wilhelm Grythe, at the Norwegian embassy in Warszawa, said the reason for the accident may be a faulty connection in the ventilation system.

“Either it was a faulty connection or a wrong use of gas,” Grythe said. “We have no information that indicates that this was not an accident.”

The embassy and the student priest will assist the family of the deceased to get her back home to Norway.

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