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Norwegians and their spending

The largest post on the budget for the average Norwegian is housing costs, followed by costs connected to owning a car. Only 10 percent of the budget is spent on food.

Norwegian households use the largest part of the budget on housing, followed by the costs connected to transportation. Culture and leisure activities are the third largest post on the budget for average households, while the expenses connected to food are listed fourth, according to a consumer survey presented by Statistics Norway Tuesday.

Less on food, more on culture

The main trend the last couple of years is that Norwegians use less money on food, while the expenses connected to culture and entertainment increases.

However, the most expensive post in the budget is housing costs at NOK 77,100 (USD 11,014) annually in average per household, in other words, 25.8 percent of the total expenses, or one forth.

Car expenses

The car and other expenses connected to travelling are another large expense post at NOK 55,950 (USD 7992), approximately one fifth of a household’s expenses.

The third largest post was culture and leisure time at NOK 38,260 (USD 5465) annually in the period 2000 to 2002.

Food, the forth largest post

Food and non alcoholic beverages amounted in average to NOK 33,670 (USD 4810) annually during the same period, 11.3 percent of the total budget for an average Norwegian household.

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