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Norwegians buy less spirits in Sweden

For the first time in many years, Norwegians buy less spirits in Sweden. Norwegians still buy more wine across the border, though.

There was a significant fall in the sale of spirits in shops along the Swedish border in July this year compared to July last year. 6 percent less spirits was bought by Norwegians, Aftenposten reports.

So far this year there is a 7.3 increase in this sale but the trend is completely different in July.

At the same time, the sale of spirits in Norway increased by 15 percent from July last year to July this year. Wine and spirits can only be bought in state run shops in Norway.

«I would like to compliment the parliament for their successful alcohol politics. There is less smuggling, there are less homemade spirits and the border shopping stops increasing. The only sale that increases is sale of alcohol in Norway's state wine and liquor monopoly increases, and this is no doubt due to the new duty and tax policy», said Ivar Amundsen at the wine and spirits suppliers association.

The state wine and liquor monopoly (Vinmonopolet) agrees that the reduction of fees is the main cause of the new development:

«Most makes have become NOK 50-60 cheaper. Some have been reduced by NOK 80. The reduction of fees definitely helps us win market shares», said Jan Egil Aase at the state wine and liquor monopoly.

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