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Norwegians deemed as rude

Norwegian children lack proper manners, and it is not strange since Norwegian adults are rude, stated an Asian social anthropologist in a recent published article.

«Norwegians are rude, and that includes children too,» said Anh Nga Longva, social anthropologist to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen.

Longva is from Vietman, a country known for its polite people. In an article printed in Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift, Longva explains why Norwegians act the way they do and skip polite phrases like «please» and «have a nice day».

Norwegians deem polite phrases as insincere and shallow, Longva claimed.

Some Norwegian schools have established blacklisted bad words and try to establish discipline by ordering detention.

«We have a need for more manners among school children, and it is firstly the parents’ responsibility,» said Stein Erik Ulvund, professor in educational science, to the paper. «The school is only supposed to follow up on what the children have learned at home, but remember, children are different, and it is not always easy to teach proper manners to all.»

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