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Norwegians do not buy ecological produce

The Norwegian consumers hesitate to buy ecological produced meat, cheese, coffee and bread. Most people believe the ordinary products are good enough, and the ecological products are not readily available.

Consumer research indicates that 20 percent of the consumers are interested in ecological products, but when it comes to actually buying the products, many hesitate, according to the paper Nationen.

“It is a fact that the market is waiting for the costumers, while the producers are waiting for the stores,” said Kristin Børresen, project leader at Kunnskapsparken at Hamar,to the paper.

Børresen pointed out that the Norwegian authorities’ goal is that 10 percent of all the farmland should produce ecological products at the end of 2011, and this is dependent on market demand. In order to increase the sale of ecological products, the sale outlets and producers are dependent on funding.

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