Norwegians focus on cars and houses

Norwegians are more positive of future as nine of ten think the economy will remain stable or improve. Women want to redecorate their home, while men prioritize their cars.

15.03.04 11:41

The survey revealing Norwegians positive outlook was conducted by MMI on behalf of DnB NOR.

Three of ten are willing to use more money on personal consumption, a marginal increase since December of last year.

The survey indicates that Norwegians are now more positive of the future. Nine of ten said they believe in an unchanged or improved economy during the next twelve months.

Since August of last year, the number of people saving money has remained stable and rather high.

«About half of the surveyed said that they want to save more, and that is about on the same level as in August and December last year,» stated Aud-Helen Rasmussen, consumption economist, on the DnB NOR’s home pages. «That is a healthy sign, and it indicates that Norwegians have a sensible relation to spending money.»

Rasmussen said that many have used the interest cuts to build up a reserve. She suggests building up a buffer zone, and then starting to think about the future, for example, pension plans.

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