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Norwegians have reduced their power consumption

Ole and Kari have become better at saving electricity due to through the roof prices and repeated requests regarding saving power.

An overview presented by Norges Vassdrags- og Energidirektorat (NVE) indicates that both private households and industry in Norway have become better at saving power.

Private households used 4 percent less power during the winter season than the year before, while industry reduced its consumption with about 9 percent.

At the same time the consumption of power has continued to be lower than during the same time last year.

“It is interesting that we can find a change of attitude in connection with the power usage. There is no reason to believe that people waste electricity,” said Marit Lundteigen Fossdal, division leader at NVE.

A survey conducted by TNS Gallup, a national research agency, on behalf of NVE indicates that over half of the households reduced the indoor temperature, closed off rooms that were not in use and reduced the lighting inside.

The motivation behind the power reduction was not surprisingly to reduce the power bill.

NVE is pleased with the response of information campaigns that encouraged people to save power in order to avoid a power crisis.

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