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Norwegians not close to God

Sist oppdatert:
According to a new survey, Norwegians are the least religious in Europe. One out of ten Norwegians does not consider themselves religious at all.

“We are spiritually lazy,” said Harald Hegstad, professor at Menighetsfakultetet (MF), to the paper Vårt Land.

In the survey Europeans were asked how religious they were on as scale from zero to ten. Most Norwegians placed themselves in the middle.

No one lower

Every tenth Norwegian does not consider themselves religious at all, and only nine percent consider themselves so religious that they answered eight or higher.

No other country of the 15 participating was listed so low on the question regarding religion as Norway in the survey. The European society survey, partly financed by the European Union, was conducted in several countries in order to survey the political and social views of Europeans, according to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB).

Prays seldom

Professor Hegstad said Norwegians have a type of ritual religion which does not actively require a lot from people.

The survey indicates that Norwegians prays and goes to church more seldom then other Europeans.

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