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Norwegians not very tolerate

Norwegians are among the happiest and most trusting in Europe, but they are not particularly tolerant, according to the European Social Survey.

The European Social Survey interviewed 40.000 Europeans regarding their subjective experiences of their life situation.

The survey indicates that Norwegians are among the happiest in Europe, reported the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

«Norwegians rank high on the list of the happiest people in Europe, but not on top,» said Kristen Ringdal, professor in sociology. «Denmark is on top, far above countries like Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Norway. Even if the United Nations Development Program has for several consecutive years ranked Norway as the best country to live in, it does not mean that Norwegians are the happiest people.»

Ringdal stated, as expected, Norwegians are among the least religious.

«It’s more surprising that we do not score particularly high on tolerance,» Ringdal said. «We end up somewhere in the middle, and we have nothing to brag about when it comes to tolerance to immigrants or homosexuals.»

However, Norwegians are reportedly very trusting and believe in public institutions as the court system, the police and people in general.

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