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Norwegians receive French Legion of Honour

Nine Norwegians received the French Legion of Honour on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandie, France.

07.06.04 10:03

During the international commemoration ceremony in the Normandy town of Arromanches Sunday, the Norwegian Gunnar Knudsen, aged 83, was awarded the French «Légion d’Honneur». Knudsen was one of 14 veterans being decorated by the French President Jacques Chirac during the ceremony.

Another eight Norwegian veterans will receive the same distinction during a ceremony in Norway Monday.

On the D-Day, Gunnar Knudsen was signed on the Norwegian ship «Skarv», discharging soldiers and war material on Omaha Beach between the 6th and the 11th of June 1944.

The other Norwegians receiving the French Legion of Honour are Lars Arholm (85), Anders O. Standnes (84), Johannes Helland (83), Antoni Lunder (86), Ragnvald Myhre (80), Bertel Bjørvik (88) and Enevold Falsen Schrøder (90).

Johannes Bauge (82) will receive his decoration in Oslo on a future occasion.

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