Norwegians shoplift for millions

It is believed that the aggressive marketing and increased social pressure to own brand name products are the main reason why Norwegians shoplift for millions annually.

According to numbers the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen have received from Federation of Norwegian Commercial and Service Enterprises, the shrinkage in Norway amounts to NOK 1.9 billion (USD 284 million) annually. If the number is divided on the number of inhabitants, the amounts is NOK 417 (USD 62) per person annually.

According to Inger Marie Fridhov, manager at Det kriminalforebyggende råd, council for crime prevention, part of the blame for the increased shoplifting must be placed on the aggressive marketing and the increased social pressure to own brand name products.

The council claims that the availability of the goods has to be reduced in order to decrease the theft in the stores.

The shoplifting contributes to increased price of the goods being sold. Norwegian stores used between NOK 700 million (USD 104 million) and 1 billion (USD 150 million) on burglar alarms, security personnel and other preventative measures last year.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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