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Norwegians use less money on food

In Norway, the average salary has sky rocked and there has been a moderate price increase on food, as a result Norwegians use less of their money on food.

While Norwegians used in average NOK 40 (USD 5.88) of every NOK 100 (USD 14.7) on food in 1958, the share had decreased to NOK 11 (USD 1.6) in 2003, according to the Norwegian daily Bergens Tidende.

A statistic overview compiled by Landbrukssamvirket (agricultural co-operative) and Norwegian Trade Council indicates that Norwegians in 2003 worked two hours and 11 minutes in order to make enough for one basked with food to cover the weekly consumption of an adult person. Norwegians worked four hours and 48 minutes to fill the basked containing the same goods in 1984.

Bjarne Undheum, leader of the Norwegian Farmers’ Union, said that the fact that Norwegians still complain of the high prices on food is difficult to understand.

«I have often asked myself why there is such a massive focus on food prices in Norway,» Undheum said to the paper. «Maybe it’s because we take the food for granted and rather would use even more on leisure activities, vacations, cars and housing.»

Only in people Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands work less for their food than Norwegians do.

Danes have to work 12 minutes more and Swedes have to work 27 minutes more.

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