Norwegians want to work longer

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A new survey indicates that the average Norwegian is prepared to work longer before retirement than earlier, but the willingness to work depends on whether or not the employee enjoy the work.

Most Norwegians want to retire when they are 60 years old, according to a survey conducted by MMI on behalf of Storebrand.

The wanted age of retirement is one year higher than when a similar survey was conducted last year.

When it costs money to retire early, the average Norwegian prefers to work until reaching his or her 65th birthday.

«The report presented by Pensjonskommisjonen (the pension commission) has without a doubt contributed to a debate, interest and awareness of pension,» said Sigbjørn Johnsen, head of the commission, to the news bureau Newswire. «That is very pleasant because this is a questions the affects us all.»

Group CEO Idar Kreutzer at Storebrand stated the results of the survey were encouraging.

«This indicates that people acknowledge the challenges of the national insurance and wish to work longer,» Kreutzer said.

It is the youngest and the oldest that to the largest degree is willing to work after they have turned 66 years old if their private finances are not part of the equation. If the people’s private financial standing is taken into account, they become unsure. One of four will then not work after they have turned 67 years old, while one of five are willing to accept a lower retirement pension if they can retire at 65.

When people are asked what is required for them to remain working for one more year, nine of ten answer that interesting and adopted work is the most important. Respect from colleagues and the feeling that the employer needs your skills are also very important. Higher salary is only important for 50 percent.

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