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Nude pictures on cell

When the man exchanged his MMS cell phone, he forgot to delete the nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend.

«It’s sad that the pictures, which were only meant for my boyfriend and which were personal, now can be anywhere,» said the woman from Skien to the local paper Telemarksavisa.

«Hi sexy»
Since her ex-boyfriend sold the MMS cell phone with the pictures of her, she received a unsolicited message from an unknown cell phone number Thursday, «Hi sexy ;)»

«When I asked where he had gotten the pictures from, I got an SMS back where he wrote that he bought the phone with the pictures of me in a store,» the woman stated.

The woman, who is in her 30s, tells her story in order to warn others.

The store’s responsibility
When she was informed that the pictures of her was still on the cell phone, she contacted the store that resold her ex-boyfriend’s cell phone.

She was informed by the store that all the cell phones were sent off to a so-called «restart» where everything was deleted, before they were sold again.

The woman said she does not believe this is the case and she will meet the store manager Monday as she claims the store is responsible for this uncomfortable situation.

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