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Number of social security clients explodes

One in eight Norwegians receives social security benefits, and the number is constantly increasing. The last decade the number of employees in social security sector has sky rocked.

The larger the number of people who receives social security benefits, the higher the paper piles grow at the social security offices. Since the 1992/1993 the social security sector has hired 2,000 new people, equal to an increase of about 32 percent. The social security sector is, in other words, the section in federal government which is growing most, according to the paper Dagbladet.

In the same ten year period, Norway had gotten 60,000 more retirement pensioners and people on disablement benefits. Just doing the last year, the number of people receiving disablement benefits has increased with 20,000 people.

The number of social security payments to people in working age is actually larger than the payments to retirement pensioners. Last year, people of working age received NOK 97 billion (USD 14 billion), while the retirement pensioners were paid NOK 70 billion (USD 10 billion).

The experts are sure the number of people on social security will increase. There are about 623,000 people over the age of 67 in Norway today. In 2050 the number is estimated to be doubled. Everything indicates that the social security sector will continue to increase in the years to come if the complicated regulations are kept.

«The workload is increasing continuously, but we have managed to keep up,» sated Tom Hagen head of Gamle Oslo Trygdekontor. «We wouldn’t mind the least to get simpler regulations.»

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