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One of three fakes orgasms

Sist oppdatert:
According to the annually sex survey conducted by Durex, one out of three Norwegians has faked an orgasm. Not surprisingly the phenomenon is most common among women.

Men and women from around the world answered questions regarding their sex lives in connection with the Durex Global Sex Survey.

Little over average

On the question if they have ever faked an orgasm, 31 percent of Norwegians answered yes, compared to the world average, 26 percent. According to Durex, 48 percent of the women and 12 percent of the men survey answered that they had faked an orgasm.

The biggest fakers were the Australians and the Brits, where 47 and 44 percent answered yes to the question.

Doggy style in the North

On the question what position they preferred in bed, the survey revealed that the most popular position in the Nordic countries was doggy style, however, the world’s population in general preferred the missionary position.

In addition, the survey revealed that four percent of the Norwegian participants has had with their boss, and ten percent has had sex with their best friend’s partner.

Norwegians have less sex

The survey indicates that Norwegians have less sex than other nationalities. The comfort for Norwegians is of course, that Swedes have even less sex.

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