One of two new-borns will get cancer

Every other child born today will get cancer some time during his or her lifetime if the illness develops as it does now, a new study indicates.

According to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen, Frøydis Landmark, director of the Institute of population-based cancer research, confirmed that between one third and fifty percent of the Norwegian population will develop cancer during their lifetime if the trend continues.

However, Landmark pointed out that it is important to see the good things too. She claimed much can be done to prevent cancer because of today’s knowledge.

Doctor Stig Bruset said as much as 75 percent of most cancer illnesses are due to environmental factors.

“As long as we do not do anything with these factors, we can never win the battle against cancer,” Bruset said to the paper.

In an article in the magazine Mat og Helse, Bruset writes about what people can do in order to try to prevent cancer. He writes that people are aware that they need to quit smoking and have a more healthy diet. In addition, there are other reasons for cancer that can be resolved in other ways. Bruset said that we have to take a look at society and how we can prevent that so many people develop cancer.

Bruset said he believes that in the future we will get better and more specific treatments.

According to official numbers, about half of the cancer cases today are due to the fact that the average life expectance has gone up.

“But it is not age in itself that gives us cancer,” Bruset said. “Most of the time its environmental factors, and if we live long, we are more exposed to these factors which might give us cancer.”

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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