Only one in prison after vandalizing bodies

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The 26-year-old main suspect behind the desecrating of dead bodies in Norway was sentenced to two years in prison on Monday. The other suspects were sentenced to community work.

18.08.03 11:33

The 26-year-old main suspect was the only one who received a prison sentence. He was sentenced to two years and will have to serve one year.

The remaining three suspects were sentenced to community work, P4 reports. One 19-year-old man was sentenced to 420 hours, his 22-year-old brother was sentenced to 90 hours and the fourth man was sentenced to 75 hours work.

"I register that they have all received milder penalties than I suggested. In our opinion prison sentences for all four suspects would be appropriate", said the police lawyer.

The public prosecutor asked for two years and six months imprisonment for the main suspect, one year and six months for the brothers and eight months for the last suspect.

"We have recently received the sentence and will have to consider it. The public prosecutor is the one who would have to take this further. I will discuss it with him and then we will see what comes out of it", said the police lawyer.

The lawyer of the 26-year-old said they would probably appeal the sentence.

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