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Open for extended whale hunting

Socialist Left’s group leader in the county of Troms wants to increase the hunting rights to include killer whale, sperm whale, and grampus.

Minkle whale is the only type of whale which is hunted in Norway today, but in regards to the future of the Barents Sea, Pål Julius Skogholt, Socialist Left’s group leader in the county of Troms, suggests expanded rights for hunting whale. Skogholt has a Master in Marine Management and extensive expertise on the issue.

Skogholt’s argument is that if the fishing continues at the same pace in the Barents Sea, then a synchronizing should be conducted in regards to the fishing of other species as well. He states that more seal should be hunted as well.

«It’s about time to look at hunting other whales like killer whale, sperm whale and grampus as well, in order to create a proper balance between the withdraw of fish and the need to create a balance between the species in the Barents Sea,» said Skogholt to the local paper Nordlys. «We are actually talking about stocks that consist for several million animals.»

Skogholt is not without support.

«I’m in favour of us hunting whale, but I don’t know enough about this to comment on this particular suggestion, but I’m willing to look at this,» said Labor politician Martin Henriksen.

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