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Opens diet farm in Norway

A youth who weights more than 100 kilo has already been secured a bed at the diet farm which is opens in Norway this fall.

The treatment center «Alma-Senteret» will open this fall at a former school at Rødven in Rauma Township, according to the Norwegian paper VG. At the facility, which is model after a similar treatment center in Denmark, overweight people will get help to loose weight.

«Young overweight people, who are at risk for developing illness, will be first in line, but we do offer treatment for all overweight people who are able to take care of themselves,» said Anne-Lise Indergaard, manager at «Alma-senteret» «We have been contacted by several townships and health businesses that wish to purchase beds.»

The center will have 40 beds, and one doctor has already secured one for an obese youth.

At the center, the patients will learn to prepare healthy food based on ordinary goods and become motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.

However, Director of Medicine and obesity expert Serena Tonstad is skeptical to whether or not centers like these can document weightloss over time.

«It has never been documented that such treatment centers provides lasting weigthloss after two, three, or five years,» Tonstad said to the paper.

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