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Oslo-woman wanted for assassination

A 35-year-old Thai woman who lives in Oslo is wanted by the police, suspect of being responsible for the assassination of a journalist. The motive is said to be negative reports about the woman's bar.

Journalist Surapong "Ord Patong" Rittee was shot in the head in Phuket 11 February and the police arrested man they believed was the killer in Bangkok in May. A total of four people are arrested in connection with the case, reports ITV News in Thailand.

The woman is said to have lived in Oslo since 1990 but is not a Norwegian citizen. She was given a residence permit in 1994, VG reports.

The woman is well known in the prostitution community in Oslo and has worked at a number of massage parlours in the Norwegian capital.

Colonel Boriburn Josokomburn at the Phuket police said they regard the case as solved and hope the woman will be handed over to them. They have not yet been in touch with Norwegian police but know that the 35-year-old is staying in Norway.

Josokomburn told VG that the owner of the Norwegian/Thai go-go bar Pink Panther in Patong ordered the assassination because the journalist had reported about indecent entertainment at the bar's premises. The bar was closed down as a result of the reports.

The person who is charged with the murder is said to have received 60,000 bath, or NOK 10,000, for the murder.

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