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Parents forced daughters to whip each other

A couple in Sweden is charged of abusing their two daughters with whips.

The parents whipped their daughters with a carpet beater and forced the girls to hit each other with a horsewhip. The abuse allegedly lasted for at least six months, according to the Swedish paper Expressen.

The family, who lives in a small town in Växjö Township, consists of the parents and four children. According to the prosecuting office, two eldest children, age 12 and 14, have been subject of physical and psychological abuse from their parents. According to the charge, the father has been hitting his daughters with a carpet beater and repeatedly threatened them.


Even the girls’ mother has allegedly abused them by spanking them and hitting them on their behinds with a carpet beater.

According to the charge, the abuse started in January, and it continued until July. The parents have allegedly repeatedly threatened to beat them.

Little information regarding case was available yesterday, but there is also allegedly information that indicates that the parents have abused their two youngest children as well, according to information revealed at Sveriges Radio Kronberg.

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