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Party princess aced her exams

Foto: Thomas Bjørnflaten / scanpix

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, known for her partying, reveals new talents as she aces all her art history exams.

04.09.03 14:03

The Swedish paper Expressen reported the news.

The princess started as an art history major at University of Stockholm this winter. At the time she told the press that she feared the exams, but she apparently had no reason to do so. The Princess received the best possible grades in all subjects and is a perfect student.

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Foto: Scanpix

“This is wonderful. There are really not a lot of students who receive such grades,” said Elise Dickson, student advisor at the university, to the paper.

“Very ambitious.”

Madeleine’s advisor is also impressed.

“She is extremely talented in this area, and it is therefore very exciting that she is succeeding with her studies,” said Lena Ramel to the paper, and she reveals that the princess is very ambitious.

Quitting the party scene

Madeleine graduated high school with very good grades, but after this she left for London and she became known to be quite a party princess. She was for a long time a frequent guest at Stockholm’s most trendy clubs, but she has now left the scene and she is focusing her studies.

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