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Passenger ship may sink

The passenger ship «Stena Nautica,» that collided with a cargo ship off the Swedish south western coast Monday morning, may sink. 114 people have been evacuated.

«We are considering the damage as serious,» stated the sea rescue central in Gothenburg. «Stena Nautica was damaged on the starboard side and it’s taking in water.»

When the passenger ship was starting to take in water, 91 passengers and a crew of 23 were immediately evacuated. Nine members of the crew are still abroad the ship.

«Of course, there is a risk that she will sink,» said Örjan Wennersten, the officer on duty at the Coast Guard, to the Swedish news bureau (TT).

The alarm went off at the Swedish sea rescue central at 4:40 a.m. Monday.

The people were evacuated to the boat «Freja» and were taken care of while they were waiting for the ship «Stena Germanica» to arrive to take the passengers on board.

«Stena Nautica» was on its way from Grenå in Denmark to Varberg south of Gothenburg when the accident occurred. Several ships arrived on the scene to assist the passenger boat, and pumps have been installed in order to prevent the ship from filling up with water.

The weather was calm in the area when the accident occurred, but the visibility was partly reduced due to fogbanks.

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