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PCs for sale in Norwegian supermarkets

Norwegian supermarkets are preparing themselves for the new competition from German retail chain Lidl by offering super cheap PCs in their shops.

Norwegian retailer Rema 1000 is launching a new campaign, offering flat screen PCs in grocery shops.

«We are testing this market. It is a trend in Denmark and in Germany the supermarkets are the major sellers of these items», said Harald Kalvøy at Rema 1000.

Bjørn Næss, CEO of ACNielsen, thinks the PC campaign is a move to meet the competition from German Lidl and Aldi who are about to establish in the Norwegian market:

«I am not surprised to see this offer at Rema 100 now. The whole retail market in Norway is preparing for Lidl and Aldi's establishment in Norway and good 'non-food' offers is essential to get customers», he said.

Rimi has sold large amounts of CD players and other retailers sell the same kind of products in Norway.

A while ago Aldi sold 200,000 PCs at NOK 7400 in 12 minutes during a campaign.

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