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PETA wants to save Rudolph the Reindeer

The animal activist organization compare keeping reindeers in Finnmark with slavery.

07.11.03 09:20

PETA, a large international animal rights organization, has directed its focus to reindeer keeping, or the murder of reindeer, as PETA calls it. “Rudolph needs your help!” is the clear message on PETA’s web page, an organization with approximately 50,000 members, according to the Norwegian television channel, NRK.

One of PETA’s most famous supporters is Paul McCartney, and the organization is famous for getting models to protest against fur in the nude. The organization is now urging people to boycott stores that sell reindeer fur.

The Lapp Ellinor Utsi has made clothes of reindeer fur for twelve years, and she said she is frustrated by PETA’s new campaign.

“The animal activists are talking about a world they know nothing about,” Utsi said.

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