Petter Hegre challenges Hugh Hefner

The website of Norwegian erotic photographer Petter Hegre has been a huge success, and his new goal is to leave Playboy magazine behind in the dust.

08.01.04 13:19

More than one million people visit Petter Hegres erotic website daily. His great adventure started with a book filled with pictures of his ex-wife titled simply “My Wife.”

“The publication of “My Wife” was a spontaneous reaction, and it may be defined as the beginning of the erotic adventure that I have presented on my web side,” Hegre explained.

The pictures in his first book are of his first wife from Island, taken during a period of two, three years.

“The camera was always with us, and soon this erotic collection in the shoebox under neat our bed, the pictures we always took out before the rest of the family got to see our vacation pictures, became something more than just pictures,” Hegre said. “It became so large and so rich of true and honest eroticism that the photographer in me just had to get them published.”

Opposite of feeble eroticism

Hegre claims his book was a reaction against what he calls plain and shallow Hollywood sex:

“My pictures was a tribute to the woman I loved, to love and sex, opposite in every way from Hollywood,” Hegre explained. “With this book the expression “the new nude” was created by the American press, and it has been my trademark ever since. It the opposite of feeble, staged, fake eroticism with models who are drowning in their own make-up, photographed in an artificial environment.”

Erotic Oscar

The book gave Hegne an erotic Oscar.

“Since I took the first insecure poses at the photo school in Santa Barbara, CA, the female body has fascinated me,” Hegne stated. “I early got a reputation of being the one that got both prim and proper ballerinas and my fellow students to take off their clothes.”

Met a nude Cindy Crawford

Hegre’s first professional photo job gave him the opportunity to meet several stars.

“When I worked for Richard Avedon in New York City, I got my first grand experiences when supermodels like Cindy Crawford and other stars posted nude in studio as I loaded film and measured the light for my master,” Hegre said.

Nothing could compare with the Internet

According to himself, he started his own web site to be able to reach more people with his art.

“Most artists have a need to get their pictures published, and I did too,” Hegre explained. “The goal is effect people, to evoke emotion. I have tried books and exhibitions, but they are extremely slow processes with little effects. Naturally, I still work with both, but there is nothing that can beat the Internet.”

He is currently building what he calls “the New Nude Network,” which is a collection of erotic web sites.

Going to compete with Playboy

There is nothing wrong with the Norwegian’s ambition.

“We are today been described as the successors of Hugh Hefner and the likes, but with the planned magazine this spring with a distribution in Germany, Great Britain and the United States among others, it may look like good ol’ Hefner is going to sweat in his old robe.”

Eastern Europe has the world’s most beautiful girls

Most of the models Hegre uses are from Eastern Europe, and his reason for that is simple.

“In mine opinion, Eastern Europe has the most beautiful girls in the world,” Hegre stated. “They are tall, slim, and have beautiful feminine figures and long, thin arms. Their movements are of such a sensuality that my pictures just vibrates. In the Eastern European culture, the beauty competitions are strong, and most of them dream of becoming a model from an early age.”

Breasts - more than breast feeding

The attitudes are a little different in Norway.

“I’m approached by women’s groups in Norway that scream that female breasts only have one function in life and that is to feed babies,” Hegre explained. “They claim that breasts are not going to be sexual objects that men drool over. I thank the higher powers that Eastern European women carry their cleavage with style, and that they know that breasts are more than just a dairy.”

A million users

One million users visit Hegre’s website every day, and there is a complete team who works on updating the pages.

“We are an international team consisting of enthusiasts and workaholics,” Hegre explained. “We run our network just as professional as any editorial office. We have one designer, three webmasters, one text writer, and my wife who works as a model and photographer, in addition to me.”

The website has millions of active and paying members, most of them in the US.

Good money

Hegre claims that there is some money to collect in running the website.

“As all companies that work towards a goal, are quality minded and have a good product to offer, normally have some economic success,” Hegre stated. “The business has had an even and good growth since the establishment. We are today economically independent, and we are so lucky that we can use these extra funds to refine our product even more.”

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