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Petter Solberg World Champion

Sist oppdatert:
Norwegian Petter Solberg kept his head cold during the heat of the race, and won Norway’s first ever World Championship title in rally.

“Just amazing!” screamed Henning Solberg, the proud big brother of Norway’s new, great hero.

Petter Solberg won 13 of the 18 runs in Rally Great Britain, and it soon became clear that nothing could stop the Norwegian hero, and nothing did.

After the historic victory, Solberg was celebrating like a mad man, but when he was asked to put his feelings into words, he stopped for the very first time during the entire weekend.

“This is just amazing, both for me, Phil and the entire team, and all my supporters too,” Solberg said to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB). “I’m almost lost for words. It will take some time before I really can grasp this. I’m completely drained.”

“It has been a long year with ups and downs, and it has been a long life with rally,” Solberg continued. “I have dreamed about this since I was a little kid. First when I was five meters from the finish line, I knew where I was heading. Afterwards, I was informed that I won the last speed test also, and I won it with 11 seconds. This is big, really big.”

The only thing that spoiled the absolute joy was that thieves stole the hero’s driving jacket, headset and cell phone, as Solberg was celebrating his victory.

“They must have taken it when I was running around celebrating,” Solberg said to the paper VG. “I didn’t notice until later. It’s just too bad that something like this happens.”

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