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Pilot died during landing

The unthinkable nightmare became a fact when the pilot of a charter plane got a heart attack and lost consciousness during a landing at Billund in Denmark.

The dramatic incident occurred June 4 of this year when the pilot of an Airbus 320 from the Turkish airline Onur Air was going in for landing, according to the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten. The pilot, who was in his fifties, was directing the plane during the approach and when the wheels touched the ground, but lost consciousness seconds afterwards.

When the pilot did not continue the normal communication with the captain after landing and started breaking according to normal procedure, the captain who was sitting in the seat next to him in the cockpit, took action.

The captain warned the pilot, but then he received no answer, the captain could conclude that the pilot had lost consciousness. The captain took control of the plane, slowed down, and drove the plane to the terminal.

At the terminal the pilot received medical assistance, but he died shortly thereafter.

The charter plane was empty when it landed at Billund, but it was going to pick up travellers who were travelling with the company Tyrkiet-Eksperten to the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

Steen Halvorsen, the leader of the Danish aircraft accident investigation board, stated that he has never heard of any similar case. However, he stressed that the security measures are designed bearing in mind that something like this can happen, and this is the reason why there are always two pilots in the cockpit.

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