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Pilots refuse to fly together

The disagreement between the pilots in SAS and Braathens is so serious right now that before days the two companies becomes one, pilots refuse share the same cockpit.

SAS and Braathens becomes one company on Monday, but the disagreement between the pilots has forced the parties to take a break from the negotiations. As a result, the planes will not be formally integrated as of Monday, reported the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

«We start up SAS Braathens as one company, however, we have not managed to conclude the pilot negotiations and therefore postpone the aviation operative activity in the new company,» said Knut Solberg, deputy CEO in SAS Braathens, to the paper. «It makes things a little more complicated, but regardless, the integration will take a long time.»

So in other words, this means that the pilots and cabin personnel from Braathens can not fly on the same plane as the pilots and cabin personnel from SAS.

Several points have created conflicts between the pilots. An old SAS agreement makes it possible for the SAS pilots to apply for jobs anywhere in Scandinavia and their seniority comes into play. If the agreement is continued, it will act against the Braathens pilots in the fight to advance.

In addition, the SAS members have presented a salary scale for the pilots in Braathens that is lower than the one the SAS pilots will receive.

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