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Poisonous tarantulas gone missing

Four large, poisonous spiders have disappeared from the designated animal room at Skien high school in Telemark. The police are currently investigating the case.

“We suspect they have been stolen,” said Kaja Erlandsen, student counsellor, to the local paper Telemarksavisen. “Some gloves and boxes which are used to move the tarantulas are also gone. The theft happened most likely Monday.”

The spiders are from Mexico and are very poisonous. The price is several thousands Norwegian Crone per spider.

“You have to add that several women are scared to death and have not dared to put their feet on the floor after the terrifying message of the spider disappearance was revealed Tuesday,” Erlandsen said, smiling shyly. “I’m one of the terrified ones.”

The tarantulas were being used in biology and nature study projects.

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