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Police and military fear terror on ferries

Foto: EPA/Scanpix

Both the anti-terror police and Forsvarets Spesialkommando, a special service branch of the Norwegian military, are training to defend the ferries in route between Norway and Denmark against terror attacks.

04.09.03 11:46

TV 2 Nettavisen wrote yesterday that a Danish Moroccan person suspected of terror activities were arrested as he as taking photos of safety features and emergency exits at the DFDS ferry in route between Oslo and Copenhagen.

A source high up in the anti-terrorist police confirmed to the radio channel P4 that Norwegian anti-terrorist police are training to defend these ferries against attacks.

The stand-by force of the Oslo Police department will be the first to be called out if someone attacks a target like the ferries. John Fredriksen, the leader of the police troop, confirms that the ferries between Norway and Denmark are locations which they are practising to defend.

“It is a part of the targets which we are supposed to be able to defend, and we have plans, tactics, and techniques for doing so. We are prepared for such operations,” said Fredriksen to P4.

Also the specialty troops in the Norwegian military are supposed to have defending these ferries as one of their tasks.

According to Vegard Valther Hansen, military advisor at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norwegian authorities have probably placed this high on the list of places that are likely terrorist targets.

“This is something that the stand-by force at the police and the special forces at the military have worked with for several years, even before September 11, but naturally more after the event,” said Valther Hansen to P4.

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