Police breached federal rules for purchasing

The Norwegian Police Service is receiving hard criticism in a new report which uncovered several breaches of federal regulations in connection with the purchase of new police cars.

The National Police Directorate requested an investigation after rumours have been circulating for years regarding irregularities connected to the police’s purchase of service cars, according to the national daily Aftenposten.

According to the report, there is nothing which indicates corruption, but the report uncovered that the police have a relaxed relationship to the federal purchasing rules.

Corruption accusations
The corruption accusations gained strength as the police purchased 24 new Volvo V70 to a price of close to NOK13 million (USD 1.88 million) and the cars did not work properly. The cars were finally taken out of service because they were not considered to be safe enough. The problems made people wonder why the cars were purchased in the first place.

Politiets materielltjeneste (PMT), the police service’s purchasing organization, received massive criticism for its way of handling the matter.

The report states that «it’s obvious that nobody at PMT has good enough knowledge of the rules of public purchases.»

Lacking routines
Repeated keywords in the report are bad management, lacking routines, and unclear authorities, but in spite that a number of reprehensible, none of the employees are facing any form of disciplinary reprimands.

«It has been confirmed that breaches of laws and regulations have occurred, and that the system is not good enough,» said Knut Mikkelsen, deputy national police commissioner. «It has not been important to look for scapegoats. The point was to find out what happened and learn from it.»

He promised that nothing like this will ever happen again.

«Actions have been made ages ago to prevent that such system faults occur again,» Mikkelsen said.

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