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Police check students for terrorism connections

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) registers students at Norwegian universities to prevent the development of weapons of mass destruction.

PST registers all students at the University of Bergen who comes from outside the Schengen area and North America.

According to PST, there are several hundred foreign students at Norwegian universities who acquire knowledge about how to manufacture weapons of mass destruction.

PST wants to identify the students in order to find out if they represent a threat against Norway and the rest of the world.

Furthermore, the PST has been in contact with several hundred businesses and institutions in order to make them aware of the current situation.

According to Mette M. Torrissen, director of education at the University of Bergen, the university is not all that pleased that it has to give away such lists.

“But as long as PST has statutory authority, we can’t do much about it,” Torrissen said to the student paper Studvest. “We are careful not to hand out more information that we are required.”

However, the Norwegian lawyers association claims all the same that PST does not have grounds to identify students if there are no concrete suspicions.

“This is to suspect entire groups of people,” said Arild Humlen, head of the associations’ law committee for asylee and immigration’s law.

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