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Police checked the marriage bed

The Norwegian-Asian couple got unannounced visitors when the police suddenly rang the doorbell. The police suspected a pro-forma marriage and checked if the marriage bed was warm.

The 31-year-old, who is married to a Norwegian woman, had fallen asleep in the room next door when the police suddenly paid them a visit. According to the paper Dagbladet, the immigration authorities wanted to check if the couple had entered into a pro-forma marriage. The police thought it was suspicious that the man had fallen asleep in the room next door.

The man in question stated that he had an argument with his wife, but the police did not believe him. According to the man, the police took pictures of the bed, checked the closet for underwear, and called his wife for an explanation.

However, the first thing the police had done was to go into the couple’s bedroom, lifted the covers and checked if the marriage bed was warm.

“My client thought the incident was very violating,” said Vahid Ala’i, the man’s lawyer, to the paper.

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