Police fooled by false passports

Even the police do not spot the false passports used by the trafficking business. The police in Kristiansand, Norway, warn about the passports.

13.08.03 13:06

Before the weekend seven people from Eastern Europe were caught trying to travel from Kristiansand to England by ferry using false passports, NRK reports.

Three of the travellers had Belgian passports and the passports looked so authentic they went straight through the Norwegian passport check. The Rumanians were not stopped until they reached Newcastle.

Difficult to catch

The police have little hope to catch the people organising the smuggling of persons.

Four Armenian men with false Greek passports were stopped, as they wanted to enter the ferry to Newcastle before the weekend.

Advanced methods

Vidar Arnesen at the foreign office of the Agder police district said, «Prospects of huge incomes make the trafficking methods increasingly advanced. Compared to drug smuggling, smuggling of people is less risky as the punishment is smaller and there is more money to make».

The Kristiansand police think Norwegians are taking part in the smuggling of people from Norway to England.

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