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Police have to settle for used cars

The police in Søndre Buskerud can not afford to renew their leasing agreement on new cars so the chief of police has decided to buy the 16 cars they have used the past three years.

By purchasing the used cars the police district saves millions, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

«The budget is smaller than ever before, something which forces us to think in new ways,» said Chief of Police Ole Petter Parnemann. «I have no problems with using three year old used cars. It is good business both for us and the public in general.»

The 16 cars are currently being leased by the police district, but when the current contract runs out, the police have negotiated a purchase of the cars. According to Parnemann, this is the first time a police district has purchased used cars on a large scale.

Parnemann said that the decision was cleared with the officers, and he has not gotten any complaints.

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