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Police partied with lost property beer at X-mas party

The District Attorney has issued a fine to Nordmøre and Romsdal police district after a Christmas party at Molde police station where the police drank lost property beer.

The reason why the District Attorney fined the police district NOK 20,000 (USD 2,300) was allegedly that the beer consumed at the party had been turned over to the police as lost property. Two police officers have also been fined, reports the paper Tidens Krav.

Police Chief Arnstein Nilssen must now decide if the police district is going to pay the pay after the Christmas party in 2002.

The two police officers fined in this case, a superior officer and one officer, collected the beer, allegedly a total of 48 cans of beer which had been located outdoors and handed over to the police as lost property.

An investigation headed by SEFO, the Norwegian organization for internal investigations, revealed that the beer had not been registered as lost property, and it had not been stored in the usual room for lost property. Furthermore, the beer had not been destroyed after three months as the rules demands.

The case has gotten much media coverage in Norwegian and foreign press. In Molde, the story has contributed to a great deal of jokes, and the case even became a part of the annual local show, Molderosetten. Needless to say, the case has become an embarrassment for the police district.

«Mistakes were made on several levels,» stated Ivar Svendsgaard, head of SEFO, early in the investigation.

The fine issued to the police district by the DA is what the SEFO recommended. However, SEFO recommended that the case against the superior officer was dropped due to contradicting evidence, as a result, this may not be the last thing said about this case after all. So much for letting dead dogs lay.

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