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Police removed anti-Bush site

Gatas Parlament runs the website killhim.nu, a satiric page that urged people to donate money for a reward to kill the American president. Now, the police have removed it.

The Norwegian paper VG reported that the rap group’s call for people to donate money to getting President George W. Bush killed has been removed from their website killhim.nu.

Norwegian Gatas Parlament is now wondering whatever happened to the freedom of speech.

«I think this is incredible farfetched,» said Aslak Borgersrud in Gatas Parlament, to the paper. «We will get the page up and running again.»

The only thing that remains on the webpage now is the fax from the police.

«I think it is rather obvious for everybody who does not work at the American embassy or the police that this is not about killing anybody. The webpage is a political campaign,» Borgersrud said.

Borgersrud and the two other members of Gatas Parlament are now waiting to hear from prosecuting authorities after the formal complaint was filed by the American embassy. If convicted they may face fines and a maximum prison sentence of 2 years.

Pål-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, police prosecutor, said the three of them will be called in for questioning soon, and he claims the closing of the website does not violate the freedom of speech.

«No, we claim the content is punishable in according to the law of criminal libel,» Hjort Kraby stated.

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