Police report reveals new patterns

A new report from Oslo police district puts several myths of violence to rest.

Oslo police district presented Tuesday the report «Vold I Oslo 2003; Hva anmeldes?» (Violence in Oslo 2003: what is reported?).

Among the most surprising discoveries were that an increasing number of violent acts occur while the perpetrator and victim were not under the influence. While 30.4 percent of the victims were under the influence in 1998, the number was reduced to 22 percent in 2003. A total of 34 percent of the perpetrators were under the influence in 1998 while the number had decreased to 20.5 percent in 2003.

Another myth that was put to rest was the mental condition of the perpetrator; only about 2 percent of the assailants are deemed mentally ill.

Not surprisingly, the report concludes that there are a large number of incidents are not reported and the researches estimates that the reported cases only amounts to 16 percent.

The typical perpetrator is male in the age group 20 to 29 years of age. Particularly people from Africa, South and Middle America, and Asia included Turkey are overrepresented as perpetrators in reports of violence. This group amounts to 40.1 percent, while the general population in Oslo amounts to 14.8 percent.

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