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Police want to confiscate Bakke's licence

Footballer Eirik Bakke, who is convicted for drink driving in England, will probably get his Norwegian drivers licence confiscated as well within a few weeks.

Three months ago the Norwegian footballer was convicted for drink driving in England and lost his drivers licence for two years.

Still, he was seen driving in Norway last Sunday in Sogndal, Norway, as a driver for manager Nils Johan Semb.

The sentence from the English court states that the prohibition was only valid on the British Isles, and as such, Bakke is allowed to drive in Norway.

However, the Sogndal police have issued a case in Norway, considering to confiscate Bakke's Norwegian drivers license as well.

«Bakke has been informed about this», said the police.

The normal conclusion in cases such as this is that the driver loses the licence for a period of time.

Bake will be given the opportunity to argue why he should get to keep his licence. The decision will be made within two weeks.


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