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Police warn against Nazi party

Sist oppdatert:
The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) has issued a warning against violent, extreme groups after the neo-Nazi party NasjonalAlliansen has established local branches in four districts.

The alliance has been established in Sande, Oslo, Trondheim, and Minnesund, reported the Norwegian paper Drammens Tidende.

«We are keeping an eye on violent and extreme groups,» said Martin Bernsen, information officer at PST, to the paper. «There is all reason to take this seriously.»

The activity in the small, neo-Nazi environment in Norway became was reduced after the PST carried out a successful operation against the Vigrid environment last year. PST reports that the environment is gaining power again.

In PST’s evaluation of possible treats in 2004 states, among other things; «Several groups have been working directly at recruiting new members, and it is expected that this recruitment will continue in 2004 as well. A characteristic shared by several of the groups connected to ideology is that they are racist, anti-Semitist, and anti-government. They have a positive view of using violence as a means to the end, and some groups have adopted training exercises of a military character.»

Drammens Tidende has tried to get a comment from the new branch in Sande without succeeding.

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