Politician acquitted of slander accusations

Foto: (Foto: Berit Almendingen/TV 2 Nettavisen)

Norwegian Carl I. Hagen, leader of the Progress Party, recovered judgement against Mullah Krekar in slander case. Oslo county court claims in other words that it was obvious at the time to call Mullah Krekar a terrorist.

14.01.04 15:58

Oslo county court ruled against Mullah Krekar’s accusations of slander. In addition, the Mullah has pay Hagen’s court costs amounting to about NOK 199,600 (USD 29,790).

Victory for freedom of speech

“It’s gratifying to get such a complete victory for the freedom of speech,” said Carl I. Hagen to TV 2 Nettavisen. “I said in court that this case was a misuse of the court system. I still stand for that statement. This is a pleasant and expected decision.”

The party leader said that he assumed the Mullah has the money to pay for the court costs.

“I suspect that he, who has a lawyer who works all the time, has the financial means to pay for this,” Hagen stated. “When he engages in a case like this, I assume he has the money to pay for it. Regardless, this is something he and Meling must have known was a risk when they decided to sue.”

“Furthermore, I think that Krekar should have been deported to Iraq a long time ago,” Hagen added.

The background for the suit was that Hagen during a TV interview at TV 2 Nyhetene in October last year stated:

“We still have not gotten any reason why in all earth he got a Norwegian travel warrant August 2 this year when the police must have known he was a guerrilla leader and a terrorist down in the Middle East.”

The statement was made when the extradition order from Jordan was being treated by the Norwegian court system. Mullah Krekar was at the time among other things being investigated for terror activities.

The charges against Krekar were later dropped.

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