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Politician states not tortious to stop Pakistani politician

Afshan Rafiq from the Conservatives said she thinks it is an exaggeration that many Pakistanis will be offended if the controversial politician Qazi H. Ahmad is denied access to Norway.

The leader of Norsk Innvandrerforum (Norwegian immigration forum) stated that many Pakistanis would be offended if Ahmed was denied access to Norway. Rafiq disagree, and she is sported by her party colleague, Local Government Minister Erna Solberg. They are now going to establish why Ahmed was denied access to the Netherlands and Belgium.

«We have to evaluate why Belgium and the Netherlands did this,» Rafiq said to TV 2 Nettavisen.

She claims that this should be a case for the police and the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) to evaluate whether or not Ahmed should be denied access to Norway.

«If they claim his visit may be a threat to national security, there is no doubt that he should not come here,» Rafiq said. «It’s an exaggeration to say that that this offends Pakistanis. We are talking about one Pakistani parliamentarian who is not getting into the country. Norwegian authorities must be allowed to do their job.»

Rafiq stressed that Ahmed is not invited to Norway on an official visit, but by a congregation.

«This church will probably feel offended if Ahmed is stopped, but I think most Pakistanis completely understand that Norwegian authorities must take national security into account.»

It became know this week that Qazi Hussain Ahmed, who is the leader of Pakistan’s largest religious party Jammat-e-Islami, is coming to Norway Oslo August 21. He was invited by Islamic Cultural Center to speak at the congregation and at the Muslim student union at the University of Oslo.

The invitation has become controversial because Amit Shrivastava, researcher at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), among others, has characterized Ahmed as an extremist and a threat against Norway.

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