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Politician wanted to play Russian roulette

Last week a local politician in Hamar went for a visit to party colleague in order to play Russian roulette. The man is now suspended from politics.

The police entered the politician’s house at Hedemarken Friday. In the home of this local politician the police found several weapons, according to the local paper Hamar Arbeiderblad.

Fired three times

The politician brought along one of the weapons, most likely a revolver with two bullets, when he visited a party colleague. He allegedly put the two bullets in the weapon and pulled the trigger three times.

Just afterwards the party colleague was asked if he wanted to play Russian roulette, where few bullets are placed in the revolver, the magazine is spun around so no one knows where the bullets are, and one pulls the trigger against oneself.


The politician is now charged for the incident, and suspended from local politics, according to the paper.

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