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Poor Norwegians say they are doing fine

Seven of ten Norwegians who live below the poverty line claim that they do not have financial problems.

The numbers were presented by Statistics Norway after comparing the living standard survey from 1995 and 1998.

Four years ago the poverty line was defined as an income below NOK 85,000 (USD 12,142) annually.

Tone Fløtten, head of the research project at Fafo Institute for Applied Social Science, said to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten that some poor in Norway relate to the money they have and make do.

70 percent of the people living under the poverty line said they did not have financial problems, while 30 percent said they do.

17 percent of the population who live above the poverty line state that they have financial problems. As much as 75 percent of the people characterized as poor do have a car, a freezer and a washing machine.

Only 18 percent of the people who live below the poverty line receive social security aid.

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